We’re super flexible in our pricing because one plan doesn’t fit all circumstances. You choose what works for you and your business.


1. You have a one-time project

​One-time projects and creative projects are billed at a flat-rate. We don’t believe you should pay by the hour for tasks that should take as long as necessary to produce a quality piece. You will receive a detailed outline, a time frame for completion and our quote. We do require 25% of the cost up front and the remaining balance paid upon completion before we can transfer the final project to you.

Here are some of our most common requests:

Websites: Starting at just $999
SEO: $3500 per year, or $350 per month
Logo and Branding: $150 and up
Flyers/Event Posters: $50 and up
Custom T-shirts and Branded Clothing: $75 per piece
Article Writing: 400-word blog post, $20


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2. You know the number of hours you need per month

We offer 4 plans based on the number of combined hours of virtual support your business requires per month. Choose the plan that fits your needs and budget. We will send you a detailed time sheet every month and track our time right to the minute – no rounding up. Additional virtual support hours are even billed at the same price of the plan you chose.

These plans include every virtual support service we offer. If you only require one or two services and know the specific number of hours you’ll need every month, feel free to contact us to get a custom plan. If you do choose a packaged rate,  then choose your own payment schedule.  You can pay monthly, weekly or bi-weekly* (simply divide by 2 or 4).




60 Hours / Month

Every Service is Included
75% Monthly Roll-over**
Access to Client Area

*The downside to choosing weekly or bi-weekly payments is that you may technically pay 3 or 5 times in one month. This policy is being followed to be fair to our employees. If your plan calls for $620 per month and you would like to pay weekly, divide by 4 to get $155. This amount is due each week regardless of whether that day falls 5 times in that month.

**Roll-over only applies to the Monthly Payment option.


3. Pay as You Go

​If you have a budget in mind we will work up to that amount and not a penny more. Our virtual support services are priced at $35/hour so you can sign up for as much or as little as you need. This rate includes every virtual support service we offer. This is the choice if you want to set a fixed budget for a virtual support service, for instance, a $200 Social Media Marketing budget per month. To maximize that allotted time even more, we will form a plan for the month with post and tweet ideas, contests, blog topics and more. Feel free to contact us with your exact needs and we can always work up a custom plan to fit your circumstances.

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